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Stillwater Spaniel Field Trial
February 20, 2012

We ran Junior in Ohio this past weekend. While we did not win, place or even get to the third series, Junior is making progress. He is not a young dog, but he is young in his field trial experience. This trial he was a handful in the first series and much better in the second series, but did not deserve to get called back to the third. Christina's photographs

The trial started with slight winds and sunny skies in the first series. The course for the first and second series had rolling terrain and nice prairie grasses for cover. It was generally an upwind cross on the outbound course and a downwind cross for the return course. Many dogs seem to mismark retrieves in the first series and the birds seemed to be clustered more on the west course going out and the west course coming [more...]


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New English Cocker Spaniel Puppy and Dog Training
February 20, 2012

It was a busy week here at the kennel. Christina got a new English cocker spaniel from Massachusetts. She has named it Craney Hill Millie MacDuff and it seems to be a very well-socialized puppy. Millie is liver with a small white patch on her chest and her life has already been significantly altered. Since we got her, she has discovered fields, bird scent, feathers, the kennel and of course Lil! Lil is less than excited, as her idea of retirement is not babysitting a young puppy!

Frank was down for Train With The Trainer with his field spaniels. We are trying to get them running in the field on birds. We have previously shot birds for them, but they [more...]
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Seminar Schedule
February 13, 2012

We have set our seminar schedule for the 2012 year, which includes the wild pheasant gun dog training in January 2013. We are targeting a narrow group of people for these seminars and wild bird gun dog training sessions. If you are looking for a hunting school for your dog, these seminars and wild bird training sessions are what you need. We play some games in the form of spaniel field trials and hunt tests and although we are glad to help in those areas, our passion is creating bird dogs. Our hunting schools for your dog focus on producing birds in control. Afterall, if you just wanted to go for a walk, you could play golf!

Look at the different options and we are sure you will find that they are structured specifically to those looking to get more enjoyment with their dog in the field. [more...]
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Houston & Southeast Texas Field Trials
February 13, 2012

Christina and I went down to Texas to run Junior in the spaniel field trials. We went there looking to accomplish a number of things; Junior getting a placement would have trumped the other items on our list. I had not been to Texas for the field trials in over ten years so it afforded us the chance to see a few dogs that we have been keeping an eye on and to reconnect with some people we have not seen in a long time.

I did not have any luck with Junior at all. Aside from the specifics of his poor performance, a new side of him not previously seen reared its ugly head! Junior was completely out of control. He left holes throughout his beat and the result was obvious. I picked him up in the first trial for lack of control and production and we got kicked [more...]
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Introduction to Birds and Retrieving
February 1, 2012

At Craney Hill Kennel, the first thing we start with our gun dog puppies is introduction to birds and retrieving. Retrieving is the easier of the two to start and studies have been done that show remarkable results in the ability of a dog to learn later in life when retrieving is started early. It also helps if your dog has basic retrieving completed so it is less of an effort to get the bird back from the dog. Trust me, if your dog retrieves a dummy, a ball, a sock or other item well, retrieving a bird the first time will go relatively well. However, the more birds your dog gets, the more it will want to keep it for itself.

Let’s start with an interesting study regarding the benefits of early retrieving. There was a [more...]

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